Important: The following details are required for those who want to use the NMR facility for the first time. The email given below should be a working one. All correspondence, including the result of your experiment will be sent to this email. The address also should be complete. After the experiment, DD will be encashed and the receipt will be sent to this address.

In case you have already used our facility and forgot your user-code, try retrieving it with your email. For this to work, you should have provided the "User Information" earlier and used the facility at least once. Please enter your email:    

User Information



Address: [Official address in case of academic and government users.
Please provide the complete postal address. DD receipt will be sent to this address.]


Billing head & address: Eg:
Your name / Chairman / HOD
Dept. of Physics
Univ. of Madras, Chennai-5

[The  bill will be raised  on this name,  can be
 used for your accounting, reimbursement, etc.]



Required user-code (4-10 characters): To access your data at a later stage, a user-code will be required. You may create this, which could be first 4 letters of your name, etc. (eg: priyak, jubn23)

     Check availability. (This user-code will become active                                                         only upon the first time sample submission.)

Your area of study: (upto 100 characters)


The Sophisticated Instruments Facility is funded by the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Government of India. The charges for NMR experiment for the academic and government users are subsidised. It is mandatory for us to provide users' name, address and area of study to the funding agency annually. Please acknowledge our facility in your publications. An email reference of your published paper arising out of our facility will be appreciated.