Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if the NMR facility is up and running - Shall I confirm it by sending an email?

There is no need to send an email regarding the availability of the facility. We have been providing this service since 1977. If there is any major breakdown or delay in carrying out the experiment, it will be displayed in our website in a scroll bar.

What is the normal timeline?

  • An email acknowledgement about the receipt of sample set within 3 days. (Please check your spam folder also)

  • Under normal conditions, result shall be available in pdf format within 10 days after the receipt of complete sample set.

  • The money receipt shall reach you within 30 days of data upload.

  • I am submitting the sample for the first time. What should I know?

    You should know:

  • Which nucleus you want to study.
  • On which solvent the sample dissolves (for solution NMR).
  • How to interpret the result.
  • Go through the page http://sif.iisc.ernet.in/faci.htm.
  • Provide your details at https://sif.iisc.ernet.in/user.htm.
  • Send your sample(s), Request Form and DD.
  • Simply follow the procedure listed in - http://sif.iisc.ernet.in/faci.htm

    My company requires a proforma-invoice before submitting the sample. Can you provide it?

    Yes. Please send a request with following details:

  • Solution or Solid State NMR.
  • Nucleus to study.
  • Number of samples.
  • If solution NMR, solvent.
  • Billing address.
  • Once you are ready with the DD, please provide the required information here. Then send the sample(s), DD and the Request Form to us.

    What is the user-code and should I mention this every time I submit the sample?

    User-code comes from the page http://sif.iisc.ernet.in/user.htm. All your required details for doing NMR will go under this. By providing this, we can access your name, samples, email, billing address, etc. We use this code:

  • to send the acknowledgement for the receipt of sample.
  • to upload the result.
  • to generate the bill.
  • to get your postal address to send the bill.
  • Thus we try to minimise the communication. Else on each step, we keep sending mail back and forth for clarifications.

    As of writing this FAQ, there are 80 samples in the queue from 23 users. Keeping track of such details is laborious. So, please provide your user-code in the Form which will make the processing time faster. Your sample set goes into the queue only after receiving all the required information.

    Should I visit your Centre or get an appointment for doing NMR experiments?

    Please contribute to carbon footprint. Your personal visit is not required unless there is some special need. Using one of the postal services, please send the packet containing the sample(s), Request Form and DD to: "The Convenor, SAIF, NMR Research Centre, IISc, Bangalore - 560012". The result will be sent to your email.

    Advance instrument booking is not required. When we receive your sample set, it goes into a queue.

    I am in Bengaluru. Is it better if I come and hand over the sample set in person?

    A personal visit makes no difference other than your time spent on travel. Should you follow the procedure outlined here, it does not matter whether you are in Silicon Valley or Kashmir Valley.

    I have sent the packet but did not receive any acknowledgement? (or) Your address mentioned in the website is short - Is it sufficient?

    People sometimes confuse with "Registrar" and "Convenor" mentioned in the website. Please note that the DD should be taken in the name of "The Registrar" who has office in a different building. The packet with sample, DD and Form should reach "The Convenor".
    If you send your packet/DD to The Registrar, it may reach a wrong place. Few note down the address from Google search, which does not show a correct one.

    Do I need to attach a cover letter?

    Not required. Just the sample, DD and the Request Form are sufficient.

    Should I give a probable structure of the sample or other details?

    No. We just do the experiment and provide you the result. Analysis of the result is your part.

    I have multiple samples with different solvents. Should I use different Request Forms?

    Not required. Single Form is sufficient. Simply mention the total number of samples in the Form. Label your sample. On a separate sheet, write the sample label/code and solvent to be used.

    I want to do proton and carbon NMR for a same sample. Should I put the sample in two different vials?

    No. Please put the sample in a single vial.

    I want to do solution as well as solid state experiments. Can I use the same Form and single DD?

    No. Please use separate set of sample, Request Form and DD for solution and solid state NMR experiments. These samples go in different routes from sample preparation to billing. But while sending, you can put both sets in a single envelope.

    I want to do nmr for 3 different nuclei. Can the DD be combined?

    Yes. If you are interested in multiple nuclei of same sample or three different nuclei of three different samples, calculate the total amount and take a single DD. But please do not combine DD charges for solution and solid state NMR. It will delay the procedure.

    Can I send the Request Form & Samples first and the DD later?

    We have streamlined the procedure since your sample set goes through multiple hands. So, without the Form, Sample and DD, we may not start the process.

    I have not received the acknowledgement for my sample yet?

    Please check your spam folder with name SAIF-IISc NMR Data.

    If you had sent the packet through a trackable post, please check it. Wait up to 3 working days to get the acknowledgement after the delivery.

    If not trackable, please wait up to 7 days (12 days for Northern India) before writing to nrcdata@auto.iisc.ac.in

    Last time when I sent the sample, the envelope developed a cut, the sample slipped through it and lost. Any tips on packing the sample?

    Put the sample in a vial (or small plastic cover) and label it. Insert the vial in a small plastic cover.

    Use a stapler to pin the Request Form, DD and the sample. Let this content go into a regular size cloth-lined office cover. (If you do not pin, in trasit, the envelope may develop a rip and the sample can slip through it. Further, the use of cloth-lined envelope may prevent this.)

    Never staple the envelope from outside along with the contents. Else, while opening the envelope, the DD may get damaged and we may have to send it back to you for re-validation.

    In case of sample is a solution, properly seal. In spite of this, few times, the solution leaked and also erased the sample code written on the vial/plastic cover. To avoid this, use a sticker and mark it with a ball-point pen or use a permanent marker and cover it with a cello-tape.

    My DD was damaged and you sent it for re-validation. How do I avoid this?

    If your sample contains solution, seal it properly. Else the solution may leak and smudge the DD. Banks do not accept such DDs.

    DDs also get damaged due to stapler pin usage. Do not staple the envelope from outside. Some users even staple at the centre of the envelope! Many private couriers put multiple stapler pins to attach their documents. India Post does not use such practice and provides good Speed Post service. We encourage you to use it.

    I do not have sufficient quantity of sample mentioned in your website. What can I do?

    Say, you have 50% of the required sample quantity, you may still send the sample, provided you are ready to pay four times the normal charge.

    For solid state NMR, if the sample quantity is less, it may not be possible to spin it. We may add some neutral compound to overcome this issue.

    When the sample quantity is reduced by half, the time required for the experiment will increase four fold.

    Eg: Academic user, 13C solution NMR with CDCl3 -
        With 25 mg sample, experiment time required - 1 hr (Costs Rs.500)
        With 10 mg sample, experiment time required - 4 hrs (Costs Rs.2000)

    Remember, our rate mentioned in the website is for a 30 minutes slot.

    The website shows Rs.250 as solution NMR rate for academic user. (Or Rs.500 for solid state NMR) When I used the calculator, it showed Rs.500 for 13C with CDCl3! (Or Rs.1000 for solid state NMR)

    That is right. For an academic user, the mentioned rate of Rs.250 is for 30 minutes of experiment time. 1H experiment requires less than 30 minutes. But 13C requires 60 minutes, which will cost Rs.500.

    For solid state NMR: Rs. 500 is for 30 minutes. 13C requires a minimum of 60 minutes. So the charge will be Rs.1000.

    You may try wth another nucleus in our online calculator to get the idea.

    I submitted a sample along with the DD. But you have informed me that the sample did not dissolve in the given solvent. What should I do?
    How do I know which solvent is required for NMR?

    Send the sample again with correct solvent mentioned. If it is other than CDCl3 or D2O, you need to send DD for the required solvent again. To know the solvent cost, please use online calculator and reduce Rs.250 from the charge shown.

    Before submitting the sample, you can check the solubility in one of the common solvents, ie, water, chloroform, methanol or dimethyl sulfoxide. Make sure that it is completely dissolved; Partially dissolved samples will not give proper result. This procedure is to test your sample's solubility. But send the sample in solid/powder form. The deuterated solvent will be provided by us.

    When will I get the result?

    Under normal conditions, the result will be available (in pdf format) within 7-10 days. The acknowledgement email which you receive will give a probable date. But please be patient; There may be some unexpected operational difficulties. Please wait for one more week before writing to nrcdata@auto.iisc.ac.in

    I could not open the webpage?

    We use self-signed encryption mechanism. So commercial websites may show "Connection is Untrusted" or "Advaced options"; To overcome this:

    Click   'I understand the Risks'.
    Click   'Add Exception'.
    On the pop-up window, click   'Confirm Security Exception'.
    This should provide you a login window.

    In case you have disabled "redirection" in your browser settings, there could be some difficulties.

    On few occasions, we have noticed that to avoid spoofing, enroute, few mail agents add extra characters in the URL making it inaccessable. In that case, please observe that the URL has the following format. Else replace the user-code with your user-code.

        eg: https://sif.iisc.ernet.in/user/data/kvr

    Try clicking this URL to test the connectivity.


    If there is no response for some time, please try later. IISc gateway maybe slow / busy / down.

    Remember, only miniscule number of users face this problem. Please check your browser/PC settings since this is the standard way rest of the users access their data.

    I could not open the data?

    The experiment result is available in pdf format. The pdf files are zipped into a single rar file. To open the 'rar' file, you require one of the 'unzip' programmes. To open the 'pdf' files, a 'pdf reader' is required.

    Make sure that you have a popular 'unzip' programme installed in your computer. Modern day programmes are capable of opening many types of zip files. And most of the recent browsers can open 'pdf' files.

    I got the result. But there was slow or no response for my email requesting for expanded plot/integration, etc?

    Request for integration, raw data, etc. can be mentioned in the Request Form under "Special Request".

    When you send a query about your result, always give your user-code and the file name (the second and third lines in the parameter list) and the sample name. This will give an easy access to your data. Searching for these details from your name or email address will delay things.

    There was no NMR signal from my sample! Can I send the sample again?

    Before submitting the sample, ascertain that it is NMR active.

    The experiment was carried out with the details given by you. Maybe no result is also a result!?

    If you would like to repeat the experiment, please send the sample, Request Form and the DD again. Note that the fee charged is not for getting the required result; It is for the entire experimental procedure.

    I forgot my user-code?

    If you have provided the 'User Information' at some point earlier and used the facility at least once, then use the link http://sif.iisc.ernet.in/user2.htm    to recover your user-code from your given email.

    My sample is precious. Can I get it back after the experiment?

    We normally discard the sample after the experiment. In case you require it back, please provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope. We put the sample (along with the solvent for solution NMR) in your supplied vial and send it back.

    When will I get the money receipt?

    It will take up to 30 days after the result is uploaded.

    I had given a separate billing address in the Request Form/email. In spite of this I got a bill on a different name?

    The billing head is taken from the user-code, which you had given using http://sif.iisc.ernet.in/user.htm during the first use. The billing happens after few days of result upload and the person dealing this process may not have your Request Form or email. If you have more than one billing head, using the link above, make another "user-code" with a different billing head.

    How long the data will be kept?

    Your data will be available with us up to 3 months. Beyond this, depending upon the situation, we delete the data to make space for new samples. Queries regarding the plot, raw data, etc. should be raised within this period.

    I still need some clarification!?

    Please send your query to nrcdata@auto.iisc.ac.in

    I sent an email with some query. There was no response!

    Perhaps the answer for your query is already here or in some other page of our website.

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