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Availing the Facility

The following solution and solid state NMR spectrometers are available for anyone who wants to utilise our NMR service.

400 MHZ  Instrument make: BRUKER;  Model: AV400
 Proton freq: 400 MHz
solution state NMR spectrometer

400 MHZ  Instrument make: JEOL;  Model: ECX400
 Proton freq: 400 MHz
solid state NMR spectrometer

500 MHZ  Instrument make: JEOL;  Model: ECZ500
 Proton freq: 500 MHz
solution state NMR spectrometer

To carry out an NMR experiment, please provide the following:
  • Sample
  • Payment
  • Request Form
  • The packet (preferably in a cloth-lined regular size office envelope without stapler pins) with above items should reach "The Convenor, SAIF, NMR Research Centre, Indian Inst. of Science, Bangalore - 560 012".

    You may receive an email acknowledgement as soon as the sample reached us and an email notification when the result is ready. (Results will be available in pdf format.) Money receipt will be sent to the given address later. First time users, please provide your information here and also read the "FAQ" section, which contains useful tips.


    For solution NMR, (this also includes, solid sample that can be dissolved in CDCl3 / D2O / DMSO-d6, etc.) please supply around 5 mg. sample for proton NMR and 25 mg. for other nuclei, preferably in a small vial. Do not dissolve your sample. We provide the solvent.

    For solid state NMR, (samples that do not dissolve in any of the common solvents) 300 mg. of sample as fine powder is required. It is advisable to supply a reference sample for nuclei other than Aluminium, Carbon, Phosphorous and Silicon. Solid state 1H NMR facility is not available.


    The required charge should be paid along with the sample by a Demand Draft (DD), payable to "The Registrar, IISc" in Bangalore.

    The revised cost for NMR experiment, w.e.f. May 8, 2017 is given below, inclusive of applicable tax. The rate mentioned below is to carry out one experiment of a sample taking up to half an hour. If it exceeds this time, every additional half hour will be counted on pro rata basis. Please click here to know the approximate time required and use this calculator to find the required DD amount.

    User type 

    Solution NMR
    (for each 30 min.)

    Solid State NMR(for 30 min.)

    Academic users
    (IITs, IISERs, Universities & Colleges)

    Rs.250 (Solvents other than CDCl3 & D2O cost extra.)


    Government users
    (Govt. labs/R&D centres, CSIR labs, etc.)

    Rs.750 (Solvents other than CDCl3 & D2O cost extra.)


    (Industries, Companies, Individuals, etc.)



    International users

     USD 50

     USD 80

      (This table shows only the base cost. Please use the calculator above to find out the minimum charges required for each nucleus.)

    For other experiments (COSY, HSQC, NOESY, etc.) please write to us.
    For temperature experiments, charges are double for academic and government users.

    Request Forms

    First time users, please provide the required information using this link.(IISc users may skip this.) Then choose the correct Form from the set below.

    User typeRequest Forms
    Academic & Govt. users

    Solution NMR Form

    Solid State NMR Form

    Commercial & all others

    Solution NMR Form

    Solid State NMR Form

    International users

    Solution NMR Form

    Solid State NMR Form

    IISc users

    Solution NMR Form

    Solid State NMR Form

    The charges are subsidised for academic and government users. To avail this, the Form should carry either an official seal or a request on official letter-head.

    Please remember to fill the Form with user-code. Forgot your user-code? Try retrieving it from here.

    Advance booking or a personal visit is not required. Arrange the sample set to reach us using any postal/courier service. We carry out the experiment and send you the result by email. Under normal conditions, the result will be available within ten days. In case of no communication from us in three weeks, please send an email to nrcdata@auto.iisc.ac.in. If there is any difficulty or delay in getting the work done, please contact the Convenor through: nsp@iisc.ac.in

    In case of spectrometer unavailability, more samples in queue or any other operational problems, we may run your samples on spectrometers other than mentioned above, which will be of same or higher specification.

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